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Declaration of consent for processing of personal data
Constitution of the Republic of Albania, Chapter II, Freedoms and Rights,
Article 21: The life of a person is protected by law.
Article 35: Collection, use and disclosure of data about the person is done with his consent, except for the cases provided by law.

Collecting of graduates personal data on Gradua ICT platform is performed in compliance with the national Act on personal data protection. In compliance with the Act, this document serves to inform a student or a graduate (hereinafter referred to as data subjects) about the purpose of data processing, a right to access and to correct data related to him, the users of his personal data and that submission of data is voluntary. The purpose of collecting the data is to introduce labor market with qualifications of the data subjects and to create statistical reports about data subjects studies and employments (hereinafter referred to as the purpose).

In compliance with the Act, subject's personal data may be collected and processed only with the permission of the data subject. Data subject freely gives his permission with specific statement in which he expresses his consent to the processing of his personal data for the purpose. The data subject has the right to revoke his consent and to stop further processing of his data at any time, except in the cases of data processing for statistical purpose when identification of individuals is not possible. In compliance with the Act, type of collected personal data is vital and with the necessary extent to achieve the purpose. Also, personal data will be kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purpose.

In compliance with the Act, recipients of personal data subjects i.e. users of the Gradua ICT platform (hereinafter referred to as the users) are individuals, legal persons or other entities to which subjects personal data is disclosed. When user receives the data about a subject, data subject is informed about it. Users may not disseminate subjects data. In compliance with the Act, subject can submit a request for: - confirmation of processing of his personal data, - definition of the type and the source of his personal data which is processed, - accessing the records of his personal data, - submission of statements, certificates or printouts of his personal data, which must contain an indication of the purpose and legal basis for the collection, processing and use of data, - defining who and for what purpose and on what legal basis obtained permission to use personal data relating to him - giving explanation about the logic of automatic processing of his personal data. The reply must be sent to him within 30 days.

In compliance with the Act, on subject's request his personal data will be supplemented, modified or deleted if the data is incomplete, inaccurate or outdated, and if the data processing is not in accordance with the regulations of the Act. If it is determined that the personal data is incomplete, inaccurate or outdated, the data will be supplemented or modified regardless of the subject request. The data subject will be informed about any supplementation, modification or deletion of his personal data. Subject data can be accessed only through the Internet using Gradua ICT platform.
Use Agreement
Art. 1 – Object of the contract. These general terms and conditions regulate the subscription to the data-bank
Art. 2. Data are collected and processed for the purpose of facilitating the procedures for starting up work. The user hereby undertakes to respect this purpose and guarantees that, within the meaning of the Albanian Personal Data Protection Code, graduates’ personal data will not be used for purposes other than selecting and hiring personnel.
Art. 3.- Credits for curricula. Each kind of subscription to the data-bank is associated to a total amount of credits, that is the maximum number of curricula that can be downloaded by the user within the period of validity of the subscription. In case of renewal of the contract, the number of credits left from the previous subscription will not be available any more for the download of curricula. The user has an unlimited number of searches to carry out through the on line data-bank. For privacy reasons, all curricula will be displayed without graduates' personal data. In order to display the complete version of the curricula, including graduates' personal data, the user may download them by using the download function in the data-bank. This implies a proportional decrease in the number of credits available.
Art. 4 – Companies' Services. The services, which can be used by the contractor as long as the subscription is active, are the following ones:
1. Processing and making changes in the personal profile;
2. Each search of candidates can be saved and users have the opportunity to reactivate or modify them at any time;
3. All curricula downloaded from the data-bank can be saved online in the user’s personal area. Each user has the opportunity to access the most recent version of curricula at any time, without having the credits decreased.
4. Check of duplicate curricula
Each download of curricula is checked by the system, which controls if the curricula had already been downloaded. If that is the case, the total number of credits assigned to the user will not be decreased.
Art. 5 – Restrictions on use. The contractor undertakes to process the personal data contained in the CVs in compliance with the existing legislation on personal data processing. The contractor undertakes on his/her direct personal responsibility that the data-bank will not be used for purposes other than selecting and hiring personnel. The contractor shall not enable a third party to access the data-bank, nor shall the contractor disclose to third parties the information contained in the data-bank.
Art. 6 - Subscription period. At the expiration date, any left curricula in the ceiling will be lost and the contractor will not be able to download any new CV.
Art.7. These general terms and conditions shall be accepted by user by selecting the option “I agree to the terms of this contract”.
Art. 8. If the Article 2 of these general terms and conditions is infringed by the contractor, the contract will be immediately terminated and the access to the data bank permanently disabled.
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